[Openswan Users] Weird routing issue - at least to me.‏

Alex Crow acrow at integrafin.co.uk
Tue Mar 2 10:35:43 EST 2010

Tim Larsen wrote:
> Hi
> Thanks for the reply.
>> Either scenario won't work as contains both
>> and
>> You need to have them in separate nets. Do you really need to use a 
>> range as large as /8?
> No, I can rearrange it and have done so to get it working. I was just
> surprised that the routing did not work as I expected when the traffic
> flows fine from the branch1 to the main site, crossing the branch0 site.
> It's only when accessing branch0 that the packets seem to not follow the
> routing table.

Well, if you're trying to send to a network which is within the larger 
range (but has a different gateway, in this case over a tunnel), I 
believe the place they end up depends on the metric, and if that is the 
same for both I'd hazard a guess it uses which ever one is first in the 
routing table. This would be the case if your original mail was correct.

If your second mail is correct re: the IP ranges, the reason it works 
fine to main is that that's effectively the only route you've added 
(according to your update) - as branch0's range actually matches the 
"main" network the traffic is going down that way instead of stopping there.

I'd suggest if this is a test for two branch offices to create one 
tunnel from each branch to main, and if required another one between the 
two branches.


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