[Openswan Users] (no subject)

Paul Wouters paul at xelerance.com
Sun Sep 14 12:33:23 EDT 2008

On Sun, 14 Sep 2008, Eugenio Vescovi wrote:

> Yes, I can store the username, passwords and IP addresses/pools for use by the clients, but in the case of
> Roadwarrior configuration i don't know wich IP address is going to connect to the server, and this is my
> problem.Maybe this is a silly problem, but i can't solve it: i was thinking to use the special ip address in
> order to say "every ip addresses", but it doesn't work.

On the client, you use left=%defaultroute, and it will pick its dynamic ip
On the server, you use right=%any, to mean clients can connect from any ip.

> In my client's /etc/ppp/chap-secrets I store the IP address of the server,my username and the password, of course,
> but it 'still not working.

In chap-secrets, you store the IP that you are *assigning* to your client via the tunnel.
This can be a range or a single ip. If specifying a range, xl2tpd will keep
track which ones have been assigned already,


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