[Openswan Users] malloc 0 bytes and tunnel not found

Heiko --- tomtegubbar99 at yahoo.de
Mon Sep 15 09:25:39 EDT 2008

Hello Paul,

>> I'm trying to build something like this:
>> XP-Client(  ------  OpenVPN(

>I take it you mean openswan, not openvpn.....

Of course, sorry :-)

>In the logs I see:

>    pluto[6540]: "L2TP-PSK"[6] #12: STATE_QUICK_R2: IPsec SA established tunnel mode {ESP=>0x643da064
<0x03c75866 xfrm=3DES_0-HMAC_MD5 NATOA=<invalid> NATD=<invalid>:500 DPD=enabled}

> So openswan thinks the connection is up. Are you sure xl2tpd is correctly
> configured? Did you set the mtu to the external interface to 1472? Did you
> see the pppd mtu to 1200?

Well, I hope that xl2tpd is configured correctly:

listen-addr =
port = 1701

[lns default]
ip range =
local ip =
require chap = yes
refuse pap = yes
require authentication = yes
name = LinuxVPNserver
ppp debug = yes
pppoptfile = /etc/ppp/options.xl2tpd
length bit = yes

And the options.xl2tpd:

idle 1800
mtu 1200
mru 1200
connect-delay 5000

I also did ifconfig eth0 mtu 1472
xl2tpd first tells that a connection is established but then it can't find the tunnel.

xl2tpd[13541]: get_call: allocating new tunnel for host, port 1701.
xl2tpd[13541]: control_finish: Peer requested tunnel 18 twice, ignoring second one.
xl2tpd[13541]: build_fdset: closing down tunnel 49642
xl2tpd[13541]: Connection established to, 1701.  Local: 36735, Remote: 18 (ref=0/0).  LNS session is 'default'
xl2tpd[13541]: control_finish: Connection closed to, port 1701 (), Local: 36735, Remote: 18
xl2tpd[13541]: build_fdset: closing down tunnel 36735
xl2tpd[13541]: Can not find tunnel 36735 (refhim=0)
xl2tpd[13541]: network_thread: unable to find call or tunnel to handle packet.  call = 8548, tunnel = 36735 Dumping.

Are there more things I should look at?
Greetings, Heiko

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