[Openswan Users] Ipsec auto --up {tunnelname} hangs

Greg Scott GregScott at InfraSupportEtc.com
Fri Jun 20 18:05:57 EDT 2008

>> 218 "JanesvillePNT-Everywhere" #64: STATE_MAIN_I3: 
>> (The hang is right here.  This also generates a bunch of debug info 
>> similar to what I posted last night.  Pressing CTRL/C stops the hang 
>> and kills the ipsec whack process that was generated.  And I get a 
>> linux prompt back.)
>And the env variables I gave earlier have no effect?

Haven't tried the env variables yet - I'll work on that now.  

>> I think this hang can be reproduced any time there are two tunnels, 
>> and one of the tunnels goes up and down dynamically, and the tunnel is not yet added on the other side.
>> If this hang is indeed a bug, and there's an easy fix, I'll be happy 
>> to  test it.
>It's not a real bug, but auto should release the whack after the error.

But it doesn't release it - it hangs forever, or until I manually abort it.  

- Greg

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