[Openswan Users] building

Sandor Geller wildy at balabit.hu
Fri Mar 24 10:08:25 CET 2006

ted leslie wrote:
> never mind,
> turns out my kernel is putting libs in  /lib/modules/2.6.14-smp
> and the openswan module install in   /lib/modules/2.6.14
> weird that my active kernel is "2.6.14-smp"
> i.e. uname-a
> but openswan is ignoring this and just creating directory based on 2.6.14,
> oh well,
> i am  going to drop the  "-smp" of the end of the kernel identifier,
> so the two are in sync.

This won't help you. I suggest to try the latest RC (rc5, not rc4), and
if the unresolved symbols are still present, compile KLIPS statically
into the kernel, not as a module.

Sandor Geller
wildy at balabit.hu

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