[Openswan Users] A quick question

Charles Tompkins crt at thig.com
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I am attempting something different by routing part of my public block to my
internal network (through a firewall) and pooling out addresses from the
remainder of that block as the internal addresses are resolvable from the
gateway.  I am trying to do this with one interface to keep it simple in
terms of routing.  I this setup feasible?  Note, I am also wrangling with
l2tpns to do this and have not had any success thus far.  Is anybody using
l2tpns with Openswan?  If so, could you share some configuration

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There are two VPN types. One is transport mode (host-to-host) and the other
is tunnel mode (network-to-network)  . If you want to make a
network-to-network  VPN , you need two network interfaces on each side  ,
one for external network and the other for the internal network.Interfaces
do not have to be ethernet, any other type of interface wellcomes. .,You
don't have to have a public ip address either . It is not a must. 

If you need to make a host-to-host VPN, you don't need two network

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[Openswan Users] A quick question

Hello everyone,

I was reading a book called "Network Administrators Survival Guide" by Cisco
Press. Over there, at the chapter "Linux based VPN", it says that the Linux
machine that holds the Openswan VPN Server should have a 2 Ethernet NIC
cards. One for publicly routed IP address and for the private network. Is
this correct? 

I have a computer in my private network and it has one NIC card. This
machine is a Linux machine, behind a firewall router and has Openswan 2.4.5.
So, can't I use this Linux machine as a VPN Server?

One other question is that when I make a host-to-server connection from
remote, What IP address the remote host will take? Is there supposed to be a
DHCP server in the private network where the Openswan Server resides, or
perhaps in the machine that holds Openswan VPN server? 

Thank you.

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