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John John at DMJ-Consultancy.co.uk
Mon Aug 28 15:48:04 EDT 2006

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Kimmo Koivisto wrote:
> John wrote:
>> Hi
>> I've read your link on Sourceforge mut am unable to relate it to
>> Openswan - none of the keywords used appear in 'man ipsec.conf', for
>> example.
> Configuration example is from ipsec-tools which is another open source IPsec 
> for linux. It just proves that Nokia VPN speaks standard IPsec and I believe 
> that it can negotiate SA's with openswan because it can do it with 
> ipsec-tools.
My question, then, is how do the ipsec-tools parameters compare / relate 
to the Openswan parameters, e.g.: conn, leftrsasigkey, etc.?
>> Also, I'm at a loss to know how to configure the 9300 end with Nokia's
>> VPN tools which seem to talk in terms of access points, although I guess
>> that the Openswan server could be taken as an access point.
> Don't know about access point, what software you tried to use for creating 
> Mobile VPN configurations?
I used the Nokia-supplied VPN software, their filename 
'mVPN_9500_v3_0_3.2_050203_urel.sis' which seems to be a later version 
of your software.

> When I did it, first I created server configuration for Nokia's own ipsec box 
> with Nokia's VPN Manager. In that configuration, I was able to define Phase 1 
> and Phase 2 settings and I also created x509 certificate for server.
> Then from that server configuration I generated client configuration and 
> transferred that client configuration to Nokia SSM box that converted those 
> client configs to symbian format. SSM was also used to deploy configurations 
> to Nokia 9300 phone.
> After that I configurated linux ipsec-tools (and there you could use other 
> software too, like openswan) and tested connections.
> Best Regards
> Kimmo Koivisto
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