[Openswan Users] VPN to mobile phone

Kimmo Koivisto koippa at gmail.com
Mon Aug 28 14:20:29 EDT 2006

John wrote:
> Hi
> I've read your link on Sourceforge mut am unable to relate it to
> Openswan - none of the keywords used appear in 'man ipsec.conf', for
> example.

Configuration example is from ipsec-tools which is another open source IPsec 
for linux. It just proves that Nokia VPN speaks standard IPsec and I believe 
that it can negotiate SA's with openswan because it can do it with 

> Also, I'm at a loss to know how to configure the 9300 end with Nokia's
> VPN tools which seem to talk in terms of access points, although I guess
> that the Openswan server could be taken as an access point.

Don't know about access point, what software you tried to use for creating 
Mobile VPN configurations?

When I did it, first I created server configuration for Nokia's own ipsec box 
with Nokia's VPN Manager. In that configuration, I was able to define Phase 1 
and Phase 2 settings and I also created x509 certificate for server.

Then from that server configuration I generated client configuration and 
transferred that client configuration to Nokia SSM box that converted those 
client configs to symbian format. SSM was also used to deploy configurations 
to Nokia 9300 phone.

After that I configurated linux ipsec-tools (and there you could use other 
software too, like openswan) and tested connections.

Best Regards
Kimmo Koivisto

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