[Openswan Users] Again: "no connection is known for..."

Filippin, Piero P.Filippin at wlv.ac.uk
Thu Mar 31 14:28:57 CEST 2005

I was not my intention to blame the lack of support. I wrote some
software myself, and I know how tedious is to write (and specially to
update) the documentation for the software (and give support to that
sort of people that don't know what they are doing).
Usually when I wrote some software, it is for personal fun and
challenge, and the documentation is not fun at all.

I meant that it is a shame there is not enough interoperability between
the IPCop and the Openswan mailing list... IPCop is basically a Linux
distribution, so as I had a problem with Openswan, the obvious thing is
to as the Openswan guys... but at the same time IPCop write the config
files for me, in a way that is not suited to my situation, so it is an
IPCop issue at the same time...

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Filippin, Piero wrote:
> *It is a shame that on IPCop mailing list there is no one supporting
> about VPNs... Sorry to bother you about something that seems a IPCop 
> problem (I think that IPCop writes the ipsec config wrong, this is not
> "bug" or a "problem" with openswan). 

hate to be a jerk about this but free support is all volunteer and if 
no-one can afford the time, well, you are up creek sans paddle as I am 
current with bochs and qemu networking.

As it happens I am working on a series of IPCop vpn issues as fast as I 
can afford funding myself to do so.  I will look at the problems you 
have found and see if it really fixes the problem. But to be quite 
blunt, you want support faster, fund some development.

mr cranky


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