[Openswan Users] Multiple connection failed???

max max swsignup at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 28 20:43:19 CEST 2005

I have built a Klips openswan VPN box in my company and tried to connect from home using XP with client download from http://vpn.ebootis.de/. I noticed a behavior that sometimes it works ( i can ping VPN's public, private interfaces and the machine behind VPN) but sometimes it doesn't. Like after first start of ipsec, ping some machines, ipsec -off, ipsec -delete. I tried to start/run ipsec again within 1 min, usually, when i pinged again, it will fail (fail mean cant ping private interface, not even showing "Negotiating IP Security", it just "Request time out"..but it worked fine for 1 min ago...is that the client problem??? why everytime, i close and start the connection again..the ping will fail??
and  i know 
ipsec -off is disable the policy
ipesc -delete is remove the policy, but how's about the ipsec -debug and ipsec -nosleep??
Thanks in advance.
Max max

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