[Openswan Users] Only single and initial connection permitted

Oliver Tomkins oliver.tomkins at alliedvehicles.co.uk
Tue Jul 26 13:12:43 CEST 2005

No there is nothing in the l2tpd logs other than the first successful 
connection being accepted.

Is it possible to sniff the packets between the boxes given that in 
order for the fault to occur there already is a live connection?



Jacco de Leeuw wrote:
> Oliver Tomkins wrote:
>> I've enabled the windows 2000 client to log to the system log and it 
>> basically say the same thing and it doesn't get as far as the PPP 
>> stage so that remains empty.
>> The client machines come to the firewall > to the IPSEC box where we 
>> use DNAT & SNAT to rewrite the packets to the l2tpd box on the 
>> internal subnet.
> Well, do you see anything in the l2tpd logs? Can you sniff the
> link between the Openswan box and the l2tpd box? If there are
> no packets, you'll have to find out where they have gone. Is there
> a firewall involved somewhere?
>> Also I can't quite seem to figure out how we can force a particular 
>> client to use a certain connection definition??
> I see only one connection definition in the ipsec.conf that you
> posted. If there are other ones, you could use different
> rightid or rightcert lines. I would also recommend rightca=%same.
> Jacco

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