[Openswan Users] NAT-T issues with 2.4dr3

Steve Bremer steveb at nebcoinc.com
Wed Jul 20 13:53:48 CEST 2005

> We have not attemped to recreate this. Please try the latest 2.6 kernel? eg
> a vanilla kernel, not a distro kernel.

Just a little update here...

I saw that 2.4dr6 was out, so I tried it out.  I still have the same problem 
with a 2.4.31 kernel:

 kernel: klips_debug:ipsec_rcv: IKE packet - not handled here

However, the good news is that the kernel works with 2.4dr6!  No more 
kernel oopses and I haven't experienced any NAT-T issues yet.  I haven't done 
any extensive testing with it yet, but at least the tunnels come up and I can 
connect to hosts behind the GW from a RW behind a NAT device.

Hopefully, this will help pin down the problem in the 2.4 kernel.

Keep up the good work!
Steve Bremer
Systems & Security Administrator

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