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Tuomo Soini tis at foobar.fi
Wed Jul 20 13:02:25 CEST 2005

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Lionel Cottin wrote:
> Dear Tuomo,
> Thank you for all these tips ;-) I'll try to give them a try as soon as possible
> and will let you know about the results.
> It's quite funny that you answered this question because one of my first
> motivation to migrate all Linux systems to RHEL is the fact that you stopped
> the maintenance of RH 7.x kernels on foobar.fi !!!

That's because I don't have any red hat linux systems available any more
so I can't really support those.

> One more question regarding your own setup; are you using the IPSEC stack
> provided by RH or Klips ??

I'm using NETKEY stack because KLIPS26 won't work with rhel-3 kernel.

All packages I currently use are available via
ftp://ftp.foobar.fi/pub/foobar/linux/3.2/ directory tree.

You can find openswan-2.4.0-0.dr3.2.foo.src.rpm Which is userspace
patched for shorewall integration via

	leftupdown="ipsec _updown shorewall zone"

And shorewall-2.4.1-2.foo.src.rpm which has requirement of shorewall
integration - shorewall must restart ipsec subsystem after firewall restart.

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