[Openswan Users] problem making starter in openswan 2.3.1

Steve steve at wanalan.com
Fri Jul 15 10:52:01 CEST 2005

Hi Guys,

Compilation on kernel modules and other programs are fine but having 
problem during compilation of "starter" program:

cc -DNAT_TRAVERSAL -DVIRTUAL_IP  -I../../linux/include ..../../lib -I.. 
-I../.. -DIPSEC_EXECDIR=\"/usr/local/libexec/ipsec\" 
-DIPSEC_CONFDDIR=\"/etc/ipsec.d\" -DIPSEC_CONFDIR=\"/etc\" -g -O3 
-I/home/steve/openswan/st/openswan-2.3.1.build/include -Wall 
-Wpointer-arith -Wcast-qual -Wstrict-prototypes -Wbad-function-cast  
-Werror -c -o starter.o starter.c
cc: cannot specify -o with -c or -S and multiple compilations
make: *** [starter.o] Error 1

Any advise?

Also, just to confirm, DPD is enabled by default? Does not specifying 
any dpddelay or timeout would disable it?



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