[Openswan Users] openswan error

Luis Figueredo - HSBS luisf at hsbs.com.br
Wed Jan 5 16:35:29 CET 2005

Ding this at linux redhat 7.3: 
   rpm -ivh openswan-2.1.5-1rh7.i386.rpm

it returns this message: 
error: failed dependencies
        ipsec-tools is needed for openswan-2.1.5-1fc2

I dont undestand because the ackage i try to intall is    openswan-2.1.5-1rh7.i386.rpm and the error message is about  openswan-2.1.5-1fc2 which is openswan for fedora core 2. Well, moreover i need nat-t suport, my question is: I just need to install the rpm or i need to do something with the kernel.

                                           Thanks in advance 

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