[Openswan Users] vpn and windows file shares

Ryan Verner xfesty at computeraddictions.com.au
Sat Feb 19 03:18:18 CET 2005

On Fri, 2005-02-18 at 11:35 -0500, Eric S. Johansson wrote:
> this may be off-topic on hoping someone might have a clue as to what's 
> going on.
> Have a laptop with SafeNet VPN client.  Connecting through to open 
> 1.08mumble.  All normal TCP traffic works just fine.  Browsing, e-mail, 
> SSH,...  Unfortunately, what doesn't work is Microsoft file browsing/SMB.
> I got curious and put ethereal on the laptop and I noticed that the 
> laptop was trying to query a server in the main network (10.x.y.z/24) 
> when I was connected to a network.  obviously, the 10 
> network packets route off into the Neverland as they should and not down 
> the VPN.  My question is why are they happening at all?

Are you registered to a domain server, perhaps (i.e. DOMAIN instead of

> My suspicion is that Windows CIFS/SMB client trying to authenticate 
> against a server on the private 10 network.  my main desire is to make 
> it stop misbehaving and use SMB authentication against the target file 
> server.  Failing that, I will settle for an explanation.  :-)
> thanks in advance
> ---eric
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