[Openswan Users] vpn and windows file shares

Eric S. Johansson esj at harvee.org
Fri Feb 18 11:35:08 CET 2005

this may be off-topic on hoping someone might have a clue as to what's 
going on.

Have a laptop with SafeNet VPN client.  Connecting through to open 
1.08mumble.  All normal TCP traffic works just fine.  Browsing, e-mail, 
SSH,...  Unfortunately, what doesn't work is Microsoft file browsing/SMB.

I got curious and put ethereal on the laptop and I noticed that the 
laptop was trying to query a server in the main network (10.x.y.z/24) 
when I was connected to a network.  obviously, the 10 
network packets route off into the Neverland as they should and not down 
the VPN.  My question is why are they happening at all?

My suspicion is that Windows CIFS/SMB client trying to authenticate 
against a server on the private 10 network.  my main desire is to make 
it stop misbehaving and use SMB authentication against the target file 
server.  Failing that, I will settle for an explanation.  :-)

thanks in advance



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