[Openswan Users] Patching the kernel with openswan

Paul Wouters paul at xtdnet.nl
Wed Jan 21 18:28:29 CET 2004

On Wed, 21 Jan 2004, Hugo Sousa wrote:

> Hi, I need a little hint on the part of compiling openswan... 
> This is what the README tells to do...
> iii) 	In the Openswan source dir:
> Quick way: "make menugo && make minstall"
> Step by step way: 
> "make insert && make oldmod && make programs && make minstall" 

Guess the readme should change "oldmod" for "module".
> When I use the Quick Way... after make menugo .. it ends with a few errors
> and the bzImage file is not generated
> using the step by step... the bzImage is also not generated

Without the actual errors, we can't really help you further. It could be
that you already have some *swan applied to your kernel tree, or that
some other kernel bit is giving you troubles.

> What are the corrects steps to patch the kernel?

"make module minstall" is all you should need.


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