[Openswan Users] Patching the kernel with openswan

Hugo Sousa sousa.hugo at netcabo.pt
Wed Jan 21 16:54:33 CET 2004

Hi, I need a little hint on the part of compiling openswan... 

This is what the README tells to do...

iii) 	In the Openswan source dir:
Quick way: "make menugo && make minstall"
Step by step way: 
"make insert && make oldmod && make programs && make minstall" 

My problem:

When I use the Quick Way... after make menugo .. it ends with a few errors
and the bzImage file is not generated
using the step by step... the bzImage is also not generated
what should I do ?!

What are the corrects steps to patch the kernel?

With freeswan I didn't had this problems.
Com os melhores cumprimentos,
Hugo Sousa
SysAdmin / NetworkAdmin

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