[Openswan Users] Nortel contivity and openswan

albert agusti aagusti at serialnet.net
Fri Dec 24 19:38:36 CET 2004

>     Paul> This one I don't understand. Michael? What is a NAT-OA? Why
>     Paul> are we ignoring it?
>   It is a payload that has a has of ports.
>   I think that there is definitely a bug here --- I see it regularly,
> but I'm not sure how to reproduce it consistently. (When I see it, I
> always have other things to make go...)
>   It is on my list.

Did you receive my last e-mail with IKE session tcpdump ?
I've no problem to reproduce the session, and if any plutodebug=all or
other data I could gather for you simplifies killing this bug, don't
dubt to ask for it
Do you think any Firmware update on Contivity side could help ? or for
the moment interoperability Openswan-Contivity is not assured (at least
in scenarios with F... NAT-T involved) ?

I'm sorry for being a problem source during last weeks. 
Thanks for your help and luck for 2005 !!

Albert Agustí

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