[Openswan dev] Re: PATCH: fix oops during KLIPS unloading

Ankit Desai ankit at elitecore.com
Sat Feb 11 11:55:01 CET 2006

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> -- I've heard that mailman throws long ones away!  I've made a guess
> at an appropriate Subject.]
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> | I was testing openswan-2.5.4-rc4 klips with linux kernel and
> | facing the above problem.
> What "above problem"?  Was that in the Subject:?
> Guess: an oops during unloading the (KLIPS) ipsec module.

original subject was
"patch for issue id 0000563: Error when unload ipsec.ko module "rmmod ipsec"

> The Openswan methodology calls for test cases that can be added to the
> test suit.  This makes improvements
> (1) objectively demonstrable
> (2) permanent (because the tests are run whenever future changes are
>     made)
> This methodology should be an important contributor to Openswan quality.
> Could you try to write a test to be incorporated into the current test
> system?  The more community-contributed tests the better.

But i have not tested the same with 2.4 kernel. Here is  my test case for
2.6 kernel
User-space: openswan 2.4.4
klips: 2.4.5rc4
System: Redhat 7.2

# modprobe ipsec
# rmmod ipsec

and when i see dmesg i found the following oops
klips_info:ipsec_init: KLIPS startup, Openswan KLIPS IPsec stack version:
NET: Registered protocol family 15
klips_info:ipsec_alg_init: KLIPS alg v=0.8.1-0 (EALG_MAX=255, AALG_MAX=251)
klips_info:ipsec_alg_init: calling ipsec_alg_static_init()
KLIPS cryptoapi interface: alg_type=15 alg_id=12 name=aes keyminbits=128
keymaxbits=256, found(0)
KLIPS cryptoapi interface: alg_type=15 alg_id=253 name=twofish
keyminbits=128 keymaxbits=256, found(0)
KLIPS cryptoapi interface: alg_type=15 alg_id=252 name=serpent
keyminbits=128 keymaxbits=256, found(0)
KLIPS cryptoapi interface: alg_type=15 alg_id=6 name=cast5 keyminbits=128
keymaxbits=128, found(0)
KLIPS cryptoapi interface: alg_type=15 alg_id=7 name=blowfish keyminbits=96
keymaxbits=448, found(0)
KLIPS cryptoapi interface: alg_type=15 alg_id=3 name=des3_ede keyminbits=192
keymaxbits=192, found(0)
KLIPS cryptoapi interface: alg_type=15 alg_id=2 name=des keyminbits=64
keymaxbits=64, found(0)
Unregistered protocol family 15
Badness in remove_proc_entry at fs/proc/generic.c:705
[remove_proc_entry+201/288] remove_proc_entry+0xc9/0x120
[pg0+139293284/1069261824] ipsec_proc_cleanup+0xb4/0xc0 [ipsec]
[pg0+139272581/1069261824] ipsec_cleanup+0xc5/0xe0 [ipsec]
[sys_delete_module+285/400] sys_delete_module+0x11d/0x190
[pg0+139272650/1069261824] cleanup_module+0x1a/0x30 [ipsec]
[sys_delete_module+347/400] sys_delete_module+0x15b/0x190
[do_munmap+223/240] do_munmap+0xdf/0xf0
[syscall_call+7/11] syscall_call+0x7/0xb

-- Ankit Desai

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