[Openswan dev] Re: PATCH: fix oops during KLIPS unloading

D. Hugh Redelmeier hugh at mimosa.com
Fri Feb 10 18:48:40 CET 2006

| From: Ankit Desai <ankit at elitecore.com>
| To: dev at openswan.org
| Message-ID: <001601c62e2d$3b881d60$7201a8c0 at elite.co.in>
| Subject: [Openswan dev]

[It is a good idea to have a subject: helps readers decide which
messages are of interest.  You may actually have posted with a subject
-- I've heard that mailman throws long ones away!  I've made a guess
at an appropriate Subject.]

[List admins: Perhaps you can fix that Mailman bug by upgrading to a
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| I was testing openswan-2.5.4-rc4 klips with linux kernel and was
| facing the above problem.

What "above problem"?  Was that in the Subject:?

Guess: an oops during unloading the (KLIPS) ipsec module.

| As the oops suggest the problem was faced when removing ipsec modules. It
| was not able to clean the proc entries.

Thanks for the patch.

The Openswan methodology calls for test cases that can be added to the
test suit.  This makes improvements
(1) objectively demonstrable
(2) permanent (because the tests are run whenever future changes are
This methodology should be an important contributor to Openswan quality.

Could you try to write a test to be incorporated into the current test
system?  The more community-contributed tests the better.

| Here is a patch that resolved my problem...
| <---snip--->
| --- ipsec.c.org Fri Feb 10 16:00:46 2006
| +++ ipsec_proc.c        Fri Feb 10 14:10:42 2006
| @@ -988,7 +988,7 @@
|                 do {
|                         remove_proc_entry(it->name, *it->parent);
|                         it--;
| -               } while(it > proc_items);
| +               } while(it >= proc_items);
|         }
| <---snip--->

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