[Openswan dev] problems in ipsec_pluto.8..

Eric S. Raymond esr at thyrsus.com
Tue Nov 23 16:16:18 CET 2004

Michael Richardson <mcr at xelerance.com>:
>   xmlto has dependancies upon the XML catalogues.

I see.  Yes, that's an issue.

>   Debian woody, for instance, has not reconciled things to work yet. 
>   I understand that FC2 has done so, and perhaps Debian Sarge as well
> now. 

And FC3, of course.

>   I understand that there are issues with stock SuSE and stock Mandrake
> as well.

Quite possibly.  I'm not familiar with them.
>   The point is that I can not say "install any 2004 Linux distro", I
> have to be more specific.

There's an easy way to skive around this problem.  Ship the generated man 
pages as well.  Document the fact that the XML is the masters.  Then, only
people who want to hack the documentation need to worry about this.
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