[Openswan dev] problems in ipsec_pluto.8..

Michael Richardson mcr at xelerance.com
Tue Nov 23 15:02:39 CET 2004


>>>>> "Eric" == Eric S Raymond <esr at thyrsus.com> writes:
    Eric> mcr at xelerance.com <mcr at xelerance.com>:
    >> Actually, we want to switch to DocBook for our man pages, anyway.

    Eric> Oh, good!  With my patches to your pages and and doclifter,
    Eric> that job is done.  Everybody wins.

    >> Our major concern is that we still do not see an easily installed
    >> distro-agnostic DocBook->man converter.

    Eric> I know of two good ones -- Tim Walsh's xmlto and Steve Cheng's
    Eric> docbook2man.  I don't think either is especially
    Eric> distro-dependent.  Both want xsltproc, docbook2man wants Perl.

    Eric> Is either of these dependencies a problem?  I have some clout

  xmlto has dependancies upon the XML catalogues.
  Debian woody, for instance, has not reconciled things to work yet. 
  I understand that FC2 has done so, and perhaps Debian Sarge as well
now.   (I copied /etc/catalogue from a RH9 system to my debian woody
  I understand that there are issues with stock SuSE and stock Mandrake
as well.

  The point is that I can not say "install any 2004 Linux distro", I
have to be more specific.

    Eric> with both maintainers, in fact Steve Cheng has made the design
    Eric> decision to have docbook2man be a doclifter inverse and tests
    Eric> it with doclifter conversions.  Whatever your concerns are, if
    Eric> it's reasonably possible to address them let's do it.

  It would be great if there was a package, that I could download as
		cd ~/src/mypackage
		./configure --prefix=$HOME

  and have it work. So far, my experience is that there are dozens of
dependancies to get right, and many of them are not very suited to other
than --prefix=/usr.

    >> We currently document both the daemon ("pluto") and the control
    >> program ("whack") in the same man page. (It is installed twice)
    >> I'm not sure that I like having the {} notation in the heading.
    >> Is this the only alternative?

    Eric> The hard constraint is that DocBook can handle multiple names
    Eric> per refentry but only one description line per refentry.  So
    Eric> what you could do is this:

    Eric> NAME ipsec pluto, ipsec whack -- description goes here -- <a
    Eric> href="http://www.catb.org/~esr/">Eric S. Raymond</a>

  So, we will do this for our 2.4 release.

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