[Openswan dev] problems in ipsec_pluto.8..

Michael Richardson mcr at marajade.sandelman.ottawa.on.ca
Wed Nov 24 11:41:37 CET 2004


>>>>> "Eric" == Eric S Raymond <esr at thyrsus.com> writes:
    >> xmlto has dependancies upon the XML catalogues.

    Eric> I see.  Yes, that's an issue.

    >> Debian woody, for instance, has not reconciled things to work
    >> yet. I understand that FC2 has done so, and perhaps Debian Sarge
    >> as well now.

    Eric> And FC3, of course.

    >> I understand that there are issues with stock SuSE and stock
    >> Mandrake as well.

    Eric> Quite possibly.  I'm not familiar with them.
    >> The point is that I can not say "install any 2004 Linux distro",
    >> I have to be more specific.

    Eric> There's an easy way to skive around this problem.  Ship the
    Eric> generated man pages as well.  Document the fact that the XML
    Eric> is the masters.  Then, only people who want to hack the
    Eric> documentation need to worry about this.  -- <a

  Oh, we always intended to do that :-)

  I'm talking about getting all of the *developers* up to having the
same xmlto, and having the nightly build/test regression machines setup

  So, like I said, thanks to your push, we'll do this in the next release.

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