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Subject: NetDev 0.1 in Ottawa, Linux networking development conference Feb 14-17

Openswan developers and users,

There is a world-class community-driven Linux networking development conference
happenning in Canada in about 4 weeks.  Sorry for the late notice...  There is
a hotel discount deadline today and paper submissions deadline tomorrow, so
read through this now if you are interested.

Netdev 0.1 (year 0, conference 1) is a community-driven conference geared
towards Linux netheads. Linux kernel networking and user space utilization of
the interfaces to the Linux kernel networking subsystem are the focus.  If you
are using Linux as a boot system for proprietary networking, then this
conference may not be for you.

Why you should register
If you yearn for the old community tech driven conferences where you mingle 
with fellow geeks (only these would be Linux networking geeks) then this 
would be it. There will be no marketting flashy openings. There will just
be a pure feed of Linux networking.
netdev 0.1 will be held back to back with netconf 2015, the by-invite Linux
kernel networking workshop (http://vger.kernel.org/netconf2015.html). 
So gurus of all sorts will be there mingling and giving talks.
While there will be heavy Linux kernel influence we expect a lot of user
space presence as well. 

Please spread the news. Forward this email appropriately.

Downtown Ottawa, Canada

Confirmed keynote speaker:
David S. Miller - The Current State of Linux kernel Networking.

Accepted talks, workshops, tutorials and BOFs:
17 talks, 1 workshop, 4 BOFs, 3 tutorials so far...
The content of the Tutorials/BOFs/talk continues to be updated at:
All of the accepted proposals are new work.  A couple of proposals have been
returned for rework prior to acceptance.  There are still more excellent
proposals currently making their way through the technical committee vetting
process.  The committee has so far been very impressed with the quality of
proposals submitted.

The netdev conference this year is structured to be 50/50 by-invitation talks
and talk submission. We are making sure that we reach out to speakers who have 
interesting relevant topics because we recognize most of these folks would 
typically not be submitting papers to a conference. The invitation will be 
made by the technical committee to the individual speakers both for 
paper and tutorial sessions.  Anyone is welcome to attend.

The call for papers is for the 50% submission portion of the conference for 
both paper submission as well as tutorials.
We *highly discourage* submission of recycled talks.

Current topics include
- wireless
- performance analysis and improvement
- networking hardware and offload
- netfilter
- traffic control
- different networking layers (L2/3, etc)
- internet of things
- security
- additional topics can be suggested

We encourage submission of papers and tutorials. Unlike other conferences, we 
are going to try and accommodate as many submissions as possible - but please 
stay within the relevant topic focus and tie to Linux networking to make it 
easier for the technical committee to provide quick feedback. In order to 
give a talk you must be registered. If your proposal is accepted you will not 
be charged a conference fee or your conference fee will be refunded to you 
when your talk gets accepted.

We expect minimum of 2 parallel tracks but likely more depending on the
(quantity of submissions) in all phases i.e during tutorials,
workshops and main talks. 

How to submit a proposal (deadline tomorrow, Jan 24)
Send email to  netdev01 at lists.netfilter.org with a paragraph or
two of your proposal.
For paper proposals, if your submission is accepted we will provide
you a template to use.
A minimum of two pages is needed so as to to allow people to skip the 
burden of writing a large paper. The maximum page limit is 10 pages.

Hotel discount rates deadline today
Today is the last day that the Westin Hotel will be holding a block of
rooms for Netdev01 at a guaranteed rate of $159.00 or $179.00
(depending on the type of room required) and there are still rooms

Please dont procastinate and book now. We are trying to negotiate with
the hotel to see if they can extend the deadline but so far we have not
been successful. We are competing against a few tourist activities for
hotel rooms going on around the area at the same time (example:
http://www.ottawafestivals.ca/events/winterlude-2/) so we can assure you
the prices will go up.
Avoid disappointment and do your reservations at:

$100/day, or $350 for 4 days (Cdn dollars). (online reg closes Feb 12th)
Please register as early as practical.  Registering helps us plan properly for
numbers of attendees, ensuring venue sizes and supplies are appropriate without
wasting resources.

Important Dates:
December 2, 2014		Call for Papers opens
December 10, 2014		Registration opens
January 23, 2015		Hotel discount rates deadline
January 24, 2015		Call for sessions deadline
February 12, 2015		On-line registration closes
February 14-17, 2015		Conference days

We'd like to thank our sponsors: https://netdev01.org/sponsors
Verizon http://www.verizon.com/
Cumulus Networks http://cumulusnetworks.com/ 
Mojatatu Networks http://mojatatu.com/ 
Qualcomm http://www.qualcomm.com/
Google http://www.google.com/

THE Technical Conference on Linux Networking, February 14-17, 2015, Ottawa, Canada

Contact:			info at netdev01.info
Main site:			https://www.netdev01.org/
Announcement:			https://www.netdev01.org/announce
CFP:				https://www.netdev01.org/cfp
Travel/hotel/weather/clothing:	https://www.netdev01.org/travel
RSS feed:			https://netdev01.org/atom
Follow us on Twitter: @netdev01 https://twitter.com/netdev01

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