[Openswan Users] Routing with virtual network

Mike James mike.james at clutch.com
Tue Jan 21 20:43:38 EST 2014

OK, I accept that. So, I get the remote users to change their networks.
Then I probably don’t have to hand out network addresses
either. That was part of the idea that I had to prevent network collisions.
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On 1/21/14, 5:54 PM, "Simon Deziel" <simon at xelerance.com> wrote:

>On 14-01-21 05:22 PM, Mike James wrote:
>> Apparently not *all* hope is lost :) I¹m not sure if OpenSWAN can do it,
>Sure this source *and* destination NAT'ing is possible with iptables
>trickery on both sides. Heaving NAT'ing doesn't mix well with hope though
>Since it needs to happen on both sides, this "solution" isn't very home
>user friendly, IMHO.
>> but Cisco have a doc -
>> ple09186a00800b07ed.shtml
>This page also warns about how confusing this setup is:
>> Note: This configuration is not recommended as a permanent setup
>> because it would be confusing from a network management standpoint.
>Since home network gear generally uses or
>I would assume that not many users have an IP collision with your office
>network. If that's the case it would probably be easier to make the IP
>change on the client side.
>Good luck,
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