[Openswan Users] How to change preshared key?

Christopher Buckley chris at cjbuckley.net
Wed Apr 16 13:52:38 EDT 2014

Hi all,

Now i'd figured out the connectivity issue(s) that members so kindly
helped me with yesterday, I decided to change the preshared key across
my site-to-site connections.

However, upon restarting ipsec, I receive this error:

"peer-site-to-site-2" #13: probable authentication failure (mismatch
of preshared secrets?): malformed payload in packet
| payload malformed after IV
|   79 19 b8 4d  d4 0e 74 8c  9d 77 19 65  a1 67 6a f7
|   c0 7f 0a 12

The key is absolutely correct though. I can connect in via my iPhone /
Windows 7 client after changing the key.

What is different about site-to-site? Do I need to force a key change?


Kind Regards,
Christopher J. Buckley

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