[Openswan Users] really basic peer-to-peer setup

Simon Deziel simon at xelerance.com
Sat May 4 17:01:50 UTC 2013

On 13-05-03 09:36 PM, Alan McKay wrote:
> Eventually I want to have it running on both firewalls - I'm doing it
> first on 160.11 because it is a new Ubuntu release.  160.10 is RHEL5
> and I just don't want to be playing with old releases and
> complications that come with them.   160.10 runs NAT as well.   If
> this will run fine with the RHEL5 RPMs then I can do that.

While I have no first hand experience with RHEL builds those are fairly
recent (2.6.32 IIRC) and the maintainer (Paul Wouter) does an excellent
job ;)

So for the sake of simplicity, I'd go straight to the RHEL box that is
the gateway of the subnet in question.


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