[Openswan Users] How to set-up Android --> IPSec/L2Tp

Martin openswan at itefektivne.cz
Fri Mar 8 14:14:06 UTC 2013


I know that there are many tutorials on it but none of them works for me
:(. I have current testing scenario

Android 4.2 Emulator ( --> CentOS (Virtual Machine, -->
Intranet (

I am trying to set up this scenario in order to have the same for accessing
internet from public wi-fi hot-spots.

Unfortunately it is never working to me, I am not even able to get through
phase 1 (I see on tcpdump) problems.

Because I am a newbie I would prefer you to point me how basic
configuration should look like for this scenario and I will test it and get
back to you with results.

I am planning to write some bash script to get it working automatically on
any CentOS VPS easily and not spending weeks to get it working. If you
would like to help me I would appreciated that.

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