[Openswan Users] Tunnel established but can't ssh or ping

Alex Crow acrow at integrafin.co.uk
Fri Feb 22 15:33:57 EST 2013


OK, one more biggie I forgot to ask, since you changed your router: did 
you make sure that IPSEC passthru has been disabled on the new router? 
On some models it's not possible to disable it and you will be SOL. You 
may also have to do port forwarding of IP Proto 50 and UDP ports 4500 
and 500 to the OpenSwan box depending on which end initiates the connection.

It's like SIP, some routers you can't disable the SIP ALG and it royally 
screws up all your perfectly correct design as soon as it hits said 
device. You may have had a very rare router that actually did IPSEC 
passthru right and changed it for one that doesn't.

The remote subnet should be listed on p4p1 as long as that interface is 
the one the remote gateway is contactable on, I don't see a prob with that.

Further than this I don't think I can offer more help. But please check 
at both ends of the tunnel (not just the one with the new router) if and 
kind of IPSEC ALG or passthru or NAT or similar (ad infinitum) is 
enabled and just turn it off in preference for just port forwarding the 
correct ports and protocols to your gateways.



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