[Openswan Users] Script for pluto 100% cpu usage

Totoro ton.ami.totoro at gmail.com
Fri Oct 19 10:29:14 EDT 2012


Few month ago, I have a problem with my pluto who take 100% cpu usage, the
only way to have the sevice run again was to kill and restart service.
This was due of many phase 2, some time more than 10000. This quantity is
due to distant site who was down, and when they come back pluto try to
setup many tunnel.

It's for that I was looking for a way to fixe phase 2 numbers allow for
each tunnel (not found).

So I write a script to help me, after setup it no more problem, the number
of tunnel not increase and is stable.

The script need to be setup in crontab, I hope he can help someone.

In is actual configuration, the script make a liste of VPN with problem
each 24 time he is run and make a liste, then he chek if site a pingable or
not. If not the tunnel is shut down else he is turn up, and then the site
is deleted form the problem site liste.

This script is not perfect so if you have any suggestion, I will be happy.

Have a nice day
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