[Openswan Users] unroute on DPD

Roel van Meer roel.vanmeer at bokxing.nl
Fri Oct 19 10:28:45 EDT 2012

Hi list!

Q: is it possible to configure DPD in such a way that the connections gets 
unrouted if a peer is decleared as dead?
As an alternative: how can I disable initiate on demand?

The reason behind my question is this: I have some Draytek Vigor routers 
connected to openswan. The drayteks are configured as outbound-only.
My connections are configured as 'auto=add' in openswan, so after a restart 
of openswan the connections are added but not routed, and the only way that 
a connection can be initiated is by the Draytek.

So far so good.

However, after a peer is declared dead by DPD, the connection is brought 
down, but it is still routed, so the next time a packet arrives for the 
draytek, openswan will try to inititate a connection. And that's what I 
don't want because that is the draytek's job.

I see two ways to achieve that:
a) unroute the connection if DPD says it's dead
b) disable initiate on demand, somehow.

Does anyone know how I can do either?

Thanks a lot,


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