[Openswan Users] Using both PSK and Certifcates

Lance Garcia lgarcia at mandalorian.com
Tue Mar 29 08:13:07 EDT 2011


I'm trying to configure my VPN to use both Certificates and PSK. When i look
at the man pages for ipsec.conf, it says i am allowed to use
authby=secret|rsasig to authorise a roadwarrior but when i try to restart
the service, IPsec complains about the keyword value.

"ipsec_setup: warning /etc/ipsec.conf: keyword authby, invalid value:

I have tried following https://gsoc.xelerance.com/issues/348 and could not
find any instructions or publications from

Is there a way to add both connections to my ipsec.conf file? or am i
missing something?

Is it possible that i can have two different connections, one being for PSK
roadwarriors and the other being for CERT roadwarriors?

Lance Garcia
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