[Openswan Users] link over a second line

Giovani Moda giovani at mrinformatica.com.br
Thu Aug 18 10:00:25 EDT 2011

> all internet traffic is over ISP 1 and that is my default route
> my vpn is over ISP 2 and that is ppp0

Is your routing policy setup for this? Does your server know how to
reach ppp0 gateway so it can respond to connections on this interface?

You show at least have something like this on your routing policy:

from ppp0IP lookup ppp0table

And create a routing table ppp0table (or whatever name you want) with
something like:

ppp0net dev ppp0  scope link  src ppp0IP
default via ppp0gateway dev ppp0  src ppp0IP

Since you are using klips, openswan should take care of the rest. 

Of course, ppp0IP, ppp0net, ppp0gateway, PRIVATE_NET, PRIVATE_INTERFACE
and PRIVATE_IP should be replaced with your scenario information. Here's
a (very) good place to start: http://lartc.org/howto/

Get your routing working first, make sure your server can reply both ISP
1 and ISP 2 incoming requests and then get to openswan.


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