[Openswan Users] Ubuntu - Cisco help please...update.

Paul Wouters paul at xelerance.com
Sat Jan 30 17:08:34 EST 2010

On Tue, 26 Jan 2010, openwan wan wrote:

> This tunnel gets established when I see the pluto logs it says it
> is established. The CISCO admin says it is. When I look at the route
> entries on me machine I don't see any new routes added. I am not able to
> ping the other side either. So, with this config what routes should I be
> seeing? On my gateway, what route should I add so the
> internet traffic goes to internet and not to the tunnel?

With netkey, you will not need or see any new routes. Run ipsec verify
and ensure you're not NAT'ing IPsec packets.


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