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Dear All,

I am a telecommunication operations engineer. I am working on a project where customer needs to connect to server via some VPN etc. I have studies some articles and website www.openswan.org and have following questions in my mind if you can help me with those.

I want to install openswan on Linux server where customers connect to get services. For example customers want to register their softphones (dialers) with the Linux server which has openswan installed. They can't connect to port 5060 unless then use some VPN and Tunneling. Most of of customers are using Windows machines and few of them can use Linux. Now my question is that are there built in openswan clients in Windows and Linux? I was studying (http://wiki.openswan.org/index.php/Openswan/Win2K) and it seems there are some issues with windows built in IP sec support. It also seems that FreeS/WAN version 1.92 or later is required to avoid an interoperation problem with Windows native IPsec? 

If Openswan has no built in clients for Windows and Linux then can you please mention few clients here?

I would appreciate any help on above questions.



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