[Openswan Users] hang problem with virtualized road warrior on centos

Gary Smith gary.smith at holdstead.com
Tue Feb 16 12:58:24 EST 2010


I've encountering a problem with 2.6.24 where after it has been running for some time, the CPU and memory will max out on the box and networking ceases to operating (presumably because max cpu issue).  The box in question is a centos 5.4 server.  The box has been running for some months without fail until I installed openswan.  I used the centos rpm package BUT I had to recompile to remove the nss patch (any those others that were already included in the upstream).

The odd thing is that this is only happening on one of three boxes that has the same configuration.  The other two have static IP's, this one is an endpoint on a dhcp line.  The machine did have an issue once when renewing dhcp with openswan running in which dhcp hung.  I had to stop openswan in order to reacquire a new address.

It doesn't seem time dependent.  It's pretty random.  The machine itself is had 512mb ram and is only used for ipsec and iptables.

I wish I had more detail as to the problem, but the only way I can even access the box when the error occurs is a hard reboot (as the console is locked up as well).  It should also be noted that this is a virtual server running under vmware esxi 4.0 (and always has been -- for 6+ months with no problem).  The vmware server itself is idle (as I have been monitoring that).  

Has anyone else seem a high cpu/exhausted memory condition on a road warrior running for several days?  Any ideas on how to trap this condition when it does happen?

Gary Smith

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