[Openswan Users] [strongSwan] ERROR: netlink response for Add SA esp.383251e8 at included errno 93: Protocol not supported

Martin Mokrejs mmokrejs at fold.natur.cuni.cz
Thu Dec 30 08:09:33 EST 2010

Martin Mokrejs wrote:
> Paul Wouters wrote:
>> On Thu, 30 Dec 2010, Martin Mokrejs wrote:
>>> /usr/share/doc/openswan-2.6.32/html/kernel.html
>>> <quote>
>>>                             IPv6
>>>                                     [optional] FreeS/WAN does not
>>> currently
>>>                                     support IPv6, though work on
>>> integrating
>>>                                     FreeS/WAN with the Linux IPv6
>>> stack has
>>>                                     begun. Details.
>> This is very old obsoleted information. As stated in the GOING-AWAY file in
>> the doc directory:
>> [paul at bofh doc]$ more GOING-AWAY This directory (and its contents) are
>> being replaced slowly by
>> that in the docs/ directory.
>> I have renamed doc/ to doc.old.freeswan/
> Why don't you rename to doc/KLIPS-IPv4-only/ ? If you do not want to update
> the contents. What do you think package maintainers would do? They would
> include the files anyway in the package and user will read them. Please
> cleanup the files, delete what is not relevant to current, make some meaningful
> hierarchy in the directory structure.

This change I will propose to gentoo devs. Hope you can realize that so far
the old doc/ and docs/ contents were smashed together into a single place.
I hope I invented good dirnames in my patch, but that is what you should do
as well. So, would be fine if you would agree on this and adjust the future

# diff -u -w openswan-2.6.31.ebuild.old openswan-2.6.31.ebuild
--- openswan-2.6.31.ebuild.old  2010-12-30 14:03:48.000000000 +0100
+++ openswan-2.6.31.ebuild      2010-12-30 14:05:21.000000000 +0100
@@ -78,7 +78,7 @@
-               FINALDOCDIR=/usr/share/doc/${PF}/html\
+               FINALDOCDIR=/usr/share/doc/${PF}/KLIPS-IPsec-kernel-stack/html\
@@ -139,9 +139,9 @@
        emake "$@" install || die "emake install failed"
        dodoc docs/{KNOWN_BUGS*,RELEASE-NOTES*,PATENTS*,debugging*}
-       dohtml doc/*.html
-       docinto quickstarts
-       dodoc doc/quickstarts/*
+       dohtml doc/*.html # KLIPS-IPsec stack docs (not relevant to current NETKEY IPsec of 2.6 kernels)
+       docinto KLIPS-IPsec-kernel-stack/quickstarts # KLIPS-IPsec stack docs (not relevant to current NETKEY IPsec of 2.6 kernels)
+       dodoc doc/quickstarts/* # KLIPS-IPsec stack docs (not relevant to current NETKEY IPsec of 2.6 kernels)
        newinitd "${FILESDIR}"/ipsec-initd ipsec || die "failed to install init script"

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