[Openswan Users] VPN accelerator

Paul Wouters paul at xelerance.com
Fri Dec 17 14:25:26 EST 2010

On Fri, 17 Dec 2010, simon charles wrote:

> Paul ,
>      Going through the OCF code and through their website for supported hardware - this is what i found
>   Hifn
>       Hifn 7951
>       Hifn 7956
>   Safenet
>       SafeXcel 1741
>       SafeXcel 1142
>   Intel
>       IXP465
>       IXP425
>       IXP422
>   Freescale SEC
>       The Talitos driver uses Freescale's SEC for hardware acceleration.
>   PA Semi
>       PA Semi PWRficient DMA Crypto Engine.
>   Intel EP80579
>       Driver for the Intel QuickAssist enabled EP80579 Integrated Processor Product Line
>    I am currently using the Hifn chipset with KLIPS+OCF on a x86 platform . The Safenet products have been discontinued. Intel is
> presented as a SOC and not in a pci / mini pci form factor. I have done some leg work but have not found any other Vendor for VPN
> accelerator in pci / mini pci form factor to work with OPENSWAN. What are my options at this point.

Did you check the source code? I believe there might be a few more
drivers in there not listed on the web page.

There is also the ubsec ocf driver (used on linksys wrt54g* and asus
wl500*).  David still needs to merge that back into his ocf tree.

> You also mentioned using the VPN
> accelerator with Netkey - could you please direct me to any documentation available out there to integrate VPN accelerators with
> OPENSWAN using Netkey.

You'd have to look at the native kernel "acrypto" drivers. I don't know
much about those. If those drivers are there, netkey should automatically
use those. But I have no experience with those.

OCF also supports IKE hw offload via cryptodev. I do not think there is
currently a "acrypto" version of that, but I could be wrong. Openswan
doesn't support it if it exists.


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