[Openswan Users] Setting leftsubnet stops xl2tpd from working

George Pollard george at greenbutton.co.nz
Mon Aug 9 01:02:17 EDT 2010


First of all, this is what I'm using:

xl2tpd version:  xl2tpd-1.2.5
OpenSwan: 2.6.28
Ubuntu w/ kernel: 2.6.32-24-generic-pae (from the openswan-testing ppa)

Now my problem:

If I leave leftsubnet undefined (which I think means it defaults to
left/32), then everything works as expected, but I cannot access
anything in the subnet that I need to.
However, if I define leftsubnet, suddenly xl2tpd doesn't work any more.

Here is my config:

       #private subnet is
       config setup

       conn l2tp-X.509

               leftsubnet= # ...


xl2tpd config:

       [lns default]
       refuse pap = yes
       require chap = yes
       require authentication = yes
       length bit = yes
       ip range =
       local ip =
       name = [...]
       ppp debug = yes
       pppoptfile = /etc/ppp/options.l2tpd

And this is what xl2tpd outputs when it fails:

        control_finish: Peer requested tunnel 45 twice, ignoring second one.
        last message repeated 2 times
        Maximum retries exceeded for tunnel 3352.  Closing.
        control_finish: Peer requested tunnel 45 twice, ignoring second one.
        Connection 45 closed to [....], port 1701 (Timeout)
        Unable to deliver closing message for tunnel 3352. Destroying anyway.

Can anyone give me some advice? :)
- George

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