[Openswan Users] Non IANA ip ranges

Rick Cooper rcooper at dwford.com
Fri Aug 6 11:33:37 EDT 2010

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> Hi List
> Does anyone here know if ipsec will deny any clients that get's assigned
> a IP address of ie 172.2.2.x the user can log in but it is not possible
> to ping any machines on the network? but if the user gets a 192,168.100.1
> or if I try with 10.0.0.X range the user can ping and surf the network,
> is this something that is known to be a problem with later versions of
> IPsec?     

Apples and Oranges. 172/8 is Allocated (Only is reserved for
private use) where as is reserved for private use as is 10/8.
I would say it's a routing issue where the packets cannot get back to the

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