[Openswan Users] subnet-to-subnet problem

farajian amin amin_o_city at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 13 12:38:36 EDT 2009

Dear Paul,
Thanks for your fast reply.

The PSK key of both sides is "123" :) , and it works fine with host to host configuration.
Also, we are restricted to use linux , and i think cross-compiling openswan 2.6.23 on this kernel takes along time.
Could you please explain me , where the problem is , or if there is any patches for openswan-2.6.19 to solve this problem.

Thanks in advance.  

Amin Farajian

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On Tue, 13 Oct 2009, farajian amin wrote:

> We have 2 embbeded boards with sparc 200Mhz processors running linux We have added openswan 2.6.19 with KLIPS support on it. They work fine with together when the ipsec.config contains only host to host configurations.
> The problem is started when we want to have a subnet to subnet configuration, at it shows itself as a series of commands as follows.
> In the initiator board :
> ----- "net_to_net" #2: message ignored because it contains an unexpected payload type ISAKMP_NEXT_HASH)
> ----- "net_to_net" #2: sending encrypted notification INVALID_PAYLOAD_TYPE to

This was fixed in openswan 2.6.23. (or you made a typo in the PSK)



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