[Openswan Users] Problem compiling openswan 2.4.14 with Linux2.6.26

Paul Wouters paul at xelerance.com
Wed May 27 10:17:41 EDT 2009

On Wed, 27 May 2009, Isaac Aaron wrote:

> Nat-t is fine but there is still the KLIPS interface. Is there a way to only
> make a KLIPS module and patch nat-t directly to the kernel?

For kernels > 2.6.22 and openswan >= 2.6.22 you do not need the NAT-T patch
when using KLIPS. When using NETKEY, you do not need the NAT-T patch in any

We're still finishing up the openswan 2.6.22 release. It should hopefully
come out in a few days.


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