[Openswan Users] HELPFUL: how to restore original IPsec on Clark Connect box

Sven J. van Rooij sven at digitalcarmel.net
Wed May 20 11:20:31 EDT 2009

I know that this against the grain in sense of features, bugs, etc.

But if some of you, like myself run into the issue that, after "upgrading" openswan to whatever other version different from the one shipped with the Clark Connect, nothing works right anymore....

Here's the way back... not very encouraging, but for the ones that are playing on set ups that are used in real life and deployed already.... here’s the fix!

Thanks Clark Connect Support!



The following should reset your configuration to default:

rpm -e --nodeps openswan cc-ipsec
apt-get update
apt-get install cc-ipsec

Kind regards,
Support @ Point Clark Networks

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