[Openswan Users] Redundant routing

Anthony anthony-openswan at hogan.id.au
Mon Jun 29 00:38:00 EDT 2009

Now I've been given some suggestions on link failover/uniqueids etc. etc., I
have another issue.

Site 1 has VPN tunnels between itself and Sites 2 and 3 as do the other
sites with one another..

Site 1 fails over to NAT'd link.. reinitiates tunnels..
Site 2 fails over to NAT'd link.. attempts to reinitiate tunnels..
Sites 1 and 2 have no direct visibility of one another anymore.. Site 1 may
not even know Site 2 has failed over yet if it's within rekeying time..
Site 3 still has a public IP and Sites 1 and 2 have tunnels open to it..

Can Site 3 act as a router to pass packets bound for Site 2's range from
Site 1's range?

Ie. No one site is designated "more reliable" than another..
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