[Openswan Users] IPSec net-to-net with multiple subnets

Peter McGill petermcgill at goco.net
Thu Jul 23 10:22:09 EDT 2009

It's very simple. Simply copy the conn definition and change the conn name and rightsubnet values.

Or if you want to get fancy... (This is how I do it)

conn main
	# all other connection details except rightsubnet and auto

conn subnet1

conn subnet2

Note: The reason doesn't work is that it's not setup as a subnet on the vigor.
Each IPSec subnet must be defined and identical on both sides of the connection to work.
This is an IPSec requirement regardless of what vendor/equipment you use.

Peter McGill
IT Systems Analyst
Gra Ham Energy Limited 

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> Hi all,
> I have a small problem configuring my remote network. 
> At this time I have following configuration working:
> home network ---------  Openswan ------- adsl router ======= 
> vigor vpn ------- office network 24bit
> The problem is that behind the office network we have 
> multiple other subnets. In theory I could just conntect with 
> rightsubnet but the vigor does not accept this 
> configuration. Is there any workaround on how I could access 
> the other office subnets without resorting to PPTP? 
> I was looking into l2tp/ipsec because the vigor supports this 
> to but i'm not positive that this will solve my issue.
> Regards, Youri

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