[Openswan Users] OpenSWAN to SonicWALL problems

Chris Garrigues chris_garrigues at steeprockinc.com
Wed Jan 21 10:05:28 EST 2009

Hi folks.

We have a SonicWALL NSA 4500 and I've been setting up our Linux based
users up using OpenSWAN.  The Linux uses are running various versions of
Linux and OpenSWAN.  Most are working fine, but I've attached a barf
file from one who isn't.  I can't figure this one out and any assistance
would be much appreciated.


Chris Garrigues
Senior System Administrator
Ph: (512) 961-6808
chris.garrigues at SteepRockInc.com <mailto:chris.garrigues at SteepRockInc.com>

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