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Bach Johannes MB Connect Line GmbH bach at mbconnectline.de
Wed Jan 14 08:35:52 EST 2009

Hello list,
I have a problem with creating a connection as shown as follows:
host1.1 -------------------
-------------------------- host1.2  
                              |---- UBUNTU-VPN-SERVER -----|
host2.1 -------------------
-------------------------- host2.2

I want to configure an UBUNTU-VPN-Server (with only one network-hardware
---> i use virtual interfaces/lans) so that host1.1 can log in via vpn
and host 1.2 can log in via vpn.
Both hosts should meat each other in the Servers virtual LAN1. Host2.1
and host 2.2 should meat each other in the virtual LAN2. The 1.x hosts
should not be able to ping the 2.x hosts. 

I wanted to solve that probleme with interface-forwarding. when host1.1
logs in he gets ipsec0 when host1.2 logs in he gets ipsec1 BUT there is
only one interface for both connections.and neither host1.1 nor host1.2
are getting an ip from the vpn-server. there are only the entries in the
routing-table. But what if the subnet of host1.1 and host 1.2 have the
same netadress? there will be adressconflicts in the routing-table....
Thats because I wanted to solve that problem via interface-forwarding
BUT as already mentioned ipsec with openswan does not build extra
interfaces for each connection.

Has anybody who understood what i want (sorry for my bad english.. :) an
idea how reach the assembly above?


thanx for ya help,

with best regards from germany bavaria (OKTOBERFEST),






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