[Openswan Users] ipsec can't route pakets comming out of the tunnel

Eike Lohmann e.lohmann at ic3s.de
Fri Dec 4 10:11:43 EST 2009


I am comming from Kernel 2.4 where IPSec has an interface and routing,
filtering was no problem.
With Kernel 2.6 it's a mess, I have a running IPSec Tunnel with
following rules.[any][any] any[any][any] any

Pakets comming from with any destination other than
can be routed and filtered.
Pakets comming from with a destination in can be
filtered but can't be routed.

I have tried iptables with marks, iptables with policy match but the
pakets with a destination to are allways send into the

My constellation is maybe a rare example, but I can't change it.

Many thanks for your help


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